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Thabane, ‘Maesaiah under fire for selling Lipolelo land  

Mohalenyane Phakela | Pascalinah Kabi

THE murder-accused duo of former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane and his wife, ‘Maesaiah are underfire for illegally selling off some of the properties the former co-owned with his slain ex-wife, Lipolelo. They are further accused of enjoying the proceeds by themselves and not giving anything to Lipolelo and Mr Thabane’s two adopted children.

Mr Thabane’s estranged daughter, Advocate ‘Mabat?oeneng Hlaele, makes the allegations in her High Court application for an order to bar the Thabane couple from selling anymore assets.

According to the court papers seen by the Sunday Express this week, Mr Thabane and ‘Maesaiah are allegedly selling off properties belonging to the former premier and Lipolelo.

They have allegedly not shared any of the proceeds with Lipolelo and Mr Thabane’s children Regina Retšelisitsoe Thabane and Kekeletso Joseph Thabane. Nkoya argues that if not interdicted by the courts, the Thabane will continue to sell more property to thereby prejudicing the two children who should at least be granted a share of Lipolelo’s estate.

Incidentally, Mr Thabane and ‘Maesaiah are accused of murdering Lipolelo on 14 June 2017.

Nkoya argues that Lipolelo died intestate (without leaving a will) and her estate was not registered with the High Court in terms of the of Section 13 of the Administration of Estates Proclamation No 19 of 1935.

She says although her co-applicant, Attorney Kuili Ndebele, was appointed curator bonis (legal overseer) of Lipolelo’s estate, the 1st Respondent (‘Maesaiah) had assumed control and overall administration over the entire estate. She alleges the properties jointly acquired by Lipolelo and Mr Thabane were now registered in the names of ‘Maesaiah and the former premier.

“I wish to take the court into my confidence and state that I have since learnt that several properties which are registered in the names of the first and second respondents are being sold at a swift pace to give a reasonable impression that what is being sought is to prejudice the interests of the beneficiaries under the estate of the late Lipolelo Thabane,” Nkoya states in her court papers.

She cites the alleged sale of two plots, both of them in Maseru, as a reason why the courts must grant her application to bar the Thabane couple from disposing any more of the properties as this will further prejudice Lipolelo and Mr Thabane’s children. Nkoya does not say who the plots were sold to.

“There must be urgent interventions to protect the interests of the vulnerable adopted children. I have since learnt that there are two properties which were sold and one of them (plot No. 12292-10009) is a subject of a non-disclosure agreement where the bona fide (genuine) purchaser agreed to effect payment of half the price for the sale of land rights into the estate account held by the second respondent (Mr Thabane).

“There is yet another (plot No. 12303-10006) which was registered on 22 April 2015 when the marital bonds between the deceased Lipolelo Thabane and Thomas Thabane were still very much legally binding. The proceeds of such a sale were enjoyed exclusively by the first and second respondent (‘Maesaiah and Mr Thabane),” Nkoya states.

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