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Teenager pursues poetry for a career

ntsieMohalenyane Phakela

MOHALE’S HOEK — Ntsie Thethoane, only 17, is building a career through poetry.

Born and raised in Thaba-Tšoeu, Mohale’s Hoek, Thethoane takes his craft very seriously.

He has always had the love for poetry from as early as kindergarten age but was too shy to stand in front of people.

“I started writing poems during my primary school days but did not have the courage to recite them before an audience,” Thethoane told XpressPeople in an interview just after he performed at the Poetry is Alive show recently.

“When I reached high school I joined the English Club.

“With the encouragement from my teachers, I continued writing poems and stories.

“This time I was more fired-up and I ended up representing my school in the English fair competition and even winning some trophies.

“A few months back I was to represent my school again in a poetry competition that was organised by Ultimate FM and Sheila Khala.

“The night before the competition I had a weird dream and someone was telling me that I will not make it and then I just woke up ill on the big day.”

Although he missed the opportunity of stepping into glory, this did not deter Thethoane’s passion and his teachers never lost faith in him.

They called Khala to tell her about star in the making.

Khala marvelled at the talent Thethoane displayed.

She then thought she had to have him in one of her shows.

Thethoane then got the opportunity of sharing the stage with the likes of Jahrose and Sheila herself.

He sees this as a stepping stone towards the development of his career.

The poet also performed for the King on his 49th birthday which was held in Mohale’s Hoek.

The juvenile is currently working on his first anthology My Mission is my Mission which is due to hit the shelves anytime before the end of the year.





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