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Teams petition PLMC

Moorosi Tsiane

THE Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) has been petitioned by eight Econet Premier League teams to convene an urgent chairman’s forum to clarify the circumstances relating to the system that is going to be employed to relegate and promote teams this season.

This comes in the wake of a Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) National Executive Committee decision that the two runners up from the A Division engage in play-offs with the team that finishes 12th in the league following the disqualification of Sandawana.

Sandawana were disqualified late last year by the PLMC after they failed to honor three consecutive matches leaving the 14-team League one team short.

Basing itself with the articles 2.1.3 and 4.3 of the 2011 A Division and Premier League rules and regulations, the NEC overturned the PLMC decision to relegate Sandawana but disqualified them. They also resolved that the team that finishes 12th this season would engage in play offs with two runners up from both the South and North Streams.

The eight teams; Lioli, Linare, Likhopo, Liphakoe, Sefotha-fotha, LMPS, Matlama and Kick4Life have written to the League mother body demanding an urgent meeting today.

The letter states that the eight teams need clarity on circumstances relating to the promotion and relegation of teams this season.

“We the undersigned teams, very much cognisant of very urgent and pressing issues inundating our league and indeed impacting negatively upon same, request an urgent Chairman’s forum, preferably on 6 May 2018, if not earlier, to discuss among others the following issues and in respect of which we sought and obtained legal advice with;

“The promotion and relegation of clubs, more particularly the circumstances and time frames within which the said processes need to be undertaken in terms of the rules and regulations,” reads the letter.”

It continues to shows that they need clear explanations on how points are docked and circumstances which can lead to that.

“It also needs to be clear on the docking of points(sic) and circumstances under which the said exercise is permissible in terms of the rules and regulations, coupled with the general principles of fair play,” the letter reads.

Yesterday, the PLMC spokesperson, Lekholoa Mosito, confirmed they received the letter and said the meeting would be however, likely be held next week.

“We have received such letter from the said teams and the meeting will likely be held next week,” Mosito said.

It is still not clear if the meeting will end up reversing the decision to hold play-offs. However, if it does, then the team that finishes 12th on the log may end up being saved the trouble of play offs while the runners up in the A division would have to fight for promotion next season.


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