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Tap into butcher’s wisdom

Pan Fried Steak main picture2 (Medium)

I always say there is nothing like a good piece of juicy, succulent beef steak. When it comes to purchasing my beef, I make no compromise and only buy it fresh.

That means fresh from the butcher. We are blessed to have so many butcheries in the country. Even the big retail shops have butchery sections.

The butcher can tailor your meat to your desires, talk to him, if a recipe calls for a certain cut and you are not sure, ask and he will be in a position to advise you on the suitable type of meat to use. You can also tell him your budget or menu and again he will suggest some very good cuts to use. My local butcher here at Ha Matala even suggests suitable cooking methods as well.

Building a relationship with your local butcher can be very beneficial as well. They will be in a position to call you when they have specials and maybe sometimes even chuck in an extra piece if you are loyal!

You are also guaranteed freshness. Sometimes they even slice it in your presence –– it can’t get any fresher than that!

And the most important thing for me is that you only buy exactly what you need or can afford at the time.

A good well cooked steak is simple to make and so delicious and juicy. And you can fry just about any type of steak. This week I share with you a simple and easy way of preparing a very juicy steak accompanied by flavourful mushrooms and onion.

Enjoy it with one of my favourite desserts, a rich and buttery Pecan Nut cake with a lovely golden brown crust and fruit salad.

Till next week.

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