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T-Mech reunites with MC Conundrum

Nthatuoa Koeshe

RAPPERS T-Mech and MC Conundrum have reunited for the second edition of their Terama le Lemekoane mix tape series.

Dubbed Terama le Lemekoane No.1 Vol2, some of the work on the compilation started as far back as 2012.

T-Mech told the Xpress People in a recent interview that soon after the release of Terama le Lemekoane No.1 Vol1 in 2012, they started working on the forthcoming project but it was derailed by several factors.

He said although they currently do not have specific release dates, they already have their first single from the project.

“We just need to do some touch ups on the track and we will set a release date for the single as well as the music video,” T-Mech said.

He said they would release singles from mix tape until the whole project is complete. He said all the tracks will be accompanied by their videos.

“We however, now have access to our own production resources thus, we will be able to shoot a series of videos for all the singles towards a collective DVD,” he said.

In 2010 MC Conundrum and T-Mech were part of the founding of Magic in Productions (MIP). MIP became a hub for many of the currently popular urban music names.

The group was assembled to assist MIP acts to get collective bookings under one name instead of multiple solo events.

In 2013 MIP changed its name to Magic in Progress, operating as the artiste group, under the management of T-Mech. The team’s popularity grew in the same year when they released Basali All Star Remix which became an anthem.

MC Conundrum is one of Lesotho’s top artistes who started out under the name MC Conundrum before transitioning from rap into acting under real name Nkopane Mohola.

MC Conundrum is now based in Johannesburg and has appeared in different films including Lenka Moshoeshoe in a series Yalla and Tokelo in Greed and Desire.


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