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T-Herbs’ offering hits market with a bang

Mohalenyane Phakela

T-Herbs (centre) released his latest album on Monday.
T-Herbs (centre) released his latest album on Monday.

IF you happen to be a die-hard Hip-Hop fan, you will definitely be blown away by T-Herbs’ latest album Entse Le Joalo.
The song, Alone, on the 14 track album epitomises what T-Herbs’ latest offering is all about.

Although the rapper was born and raised in Teyateyaneng, he is now based in Maseru which has given him the opportunity to take his musical endevours to another level.
T-Herbs started off as a poet in secondary school before he forayed into the Hi-Hop industry in 2006.

“I love poetry because it was a simple way in which I could express my feelings and also educate people about different issues in life,” said T-Herbs, in an interview with Xpress People.
“Later on, I decided to format my lyrics and make them more musical as well as adding some rhythm. That’s how I ended up in the Hip-Hop industry,” he told.
In Entse Le Joalo T-Herbs delves into different sub-genres of Hip-Hop. He dexterously uses Sesotho, slang and English in his lyrical compositions without losing the essence of Hip-Hop.
“This album was inspired by my life experiences, while in some cases, I sing about something I witnessed,” he said.
“Through this album, I also wanted to teach the youth that they should not undermine other people’s gifts and what they do for a living.
“For instance, they wrongly believe farming is for the old and uneducated people, when in actual fact it is the backbone of this country’s economy. The youth must be actively involved in food production.”

Before his new album, T-Herbs released three mix-tapes and collaborated with D2a-Majoe on the Varsity tour in 2012. Thereafter, he started working on his current album, which took him two years to complete.
The latest offering hit the streets on Monday and has already made waves among his fans. It also features bangers like Ke hopotse Hae (Homesick) and I See, which narrates the problems people are aware of but prefer to turn a blind eye to.

Entse Le Joalo was released under T-Herbs’ own record label, Boena Productions, which also has a number of artists under its wings. T-Herbs said Lesotho’s music is finally getting attention, both locally and regionally.
“The music industry is definitely growing mainly because artistes are striving to produce good quality music,” T-Herbs mused.
“There are also a lot of efforts in the arena of marketing both at local and regional levels.
“These are survival strategies because when I talk of Hip-Hop music, I am also referring to my bread and butter.”

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