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Swallows fume over player transfer

MASERU — Swallows are at loggerheads with Buddie Premier League rivals Rovers over the Roma side’s M6 000 sale of Seenyane Nthejane to Lioli.

The Under-20 Lesotho striker began his career at Swallows before joining the National University of Lesotho (NUL) outfit three years ago.

Nthejane was then sold to Lioli by Rovers for a fee of M6 000 earlier this month.

However, Swallows claim they are entitled to a share of any transfer fee involving the player, and the Mazenod based outfit is fuming over what they say are under-hand dealings by Rovers.

“We had an agreement with Rovers and they have undermined that. We agreed that when a player of ours joins them we would be consulted when they were sold on.

“But we only found out that Nthejane had moved to Lioli via the media,” Swallows president Mabote Masienyane said.

Swallows have since written a letter of complaint to Rovers which has been forwarded to LEFA and Lioli.

“We didn’t mind if Nthejane continued playing for Rovers after he finished his studies but he couldn’t leave without our consent,” Masienyane said.

The Sunday Express has also learnt that a second transfer has ruffled Maswai-swai’s feathers even further.

This week Rovers were reported to have agreed a deal with LCS for the sale of Likuena goalkeeper Sam Ketsekile.

However, the stopper is currently on the books of Swallows after moving to Mazenod from Roma this January.

Rovers claim Ketsekile was at Swallows on loan, a claim disputed by Swallows.

And the Mazenod outfit accuse Rovers of wheeling and dealing behind their back.

Ketsekile’s move to LCS is now on the rocks with Swallows refusing to release the player’s registration licence.

“Even if the player was on loan, Rovers should have consulted us,” Masienyane said this week.

“We only found out that a deal had been done when a Rovers official called our secretary asking for Sam’s licence.

“We will not release Sam until Rovers come and speak to us. What Rovers is doing is wrong because now Sam is angry with us. We just want Rovers to follow procedure,” Masienyane said.

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