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Standard Bank launches airport lounge


SLB Chief Executive Mpho Vumbukani
SLB Chief Executive Mpho Vumbukani

Rethabile Pitso

STANDARD Lesotho Bank (SLB) will, on Wednesday, launch an exclusive banking lounge at Moshoeshoe I International Airport to ensure easy access to the financial institution’s services for its customers, while they wait to board flights.

The lounge, which is a first of its kind in Lesotho, will offer banking services and support to clients and will be manned by a resident Relationship Manager on hand to assist VIPs and private banking clients.

It will also offer online banking services on an iPad with free Wi-Fi and also meant to provide a “stopover facility for clients to unwind or catch up with work on the go” according to an SLB press release.

SLB Chief Executive Mpho Vumbukani said the facility, dubbed “VIP Lounge”, would be accessed at all times in line with the airport’s flight schedules. He said it was also meant to enhance the airport’s services and place it on par with other airports internationally.

“As a bank, we are indeed proud that the Department of Civil Aviation found it fitting to engage us in this partnership that will not only bring the desired addition to elevate the status of Moshoeshoe I Airport, but bring convenience to our VIPs and clients,” said Mr Vumbukani.

“We see this development as a necessary convenience that is really long overdue and we are grateful that when it finally happened, Standard Lesotho Bank was seen as a preferred partner in this venture.”

SLB Head of Personal Banking Yande Sikazwe-Mothae said the launch of the facility, as well as other services the financial institution was offering, were meant to ensure customers got more than just regular banking services.

“We are excited to be opening this first of its kind lounge on Wednesday, 6 May which complements the value adding services we strive to provide to our clients,” Ms Sikazwe-Mothae said.

“We are thankful to our clients for their patronage whom we try to satisfy with products that are better than our competitors.

“The services offered at the VIP Lounge are meant to offer comfort, refreshments, Wi-Fi and iPads and provide travelers with prompt flight logistics.

“There will be no need to delay getting to the airport because a traveler has not finished this or that since they can now do it in the comfort of the VIP Lounge.”

She added that SLB also offers the “Blue Sky” service; a personal assistance facility whose non-banking services include travel booking facilities, career advice and medical services among others

“This goes to show that we are more than just a bank but offering services that are meaningful and add value to life,” said Ms Sikazwe-Mothae.

“We have also attended to the request from our clients that we load South African rands on our ATM machines. So, the notes are now available at your nearest ATM.”

She also urged Private Banking users to access off-shore accounts and other under-utilised services such as e-statements which the bank offers.

“We also offer other services such as off-shore banking which offer accounts in any major currency and are housed in New Jersey (in the United States) and also offer international debit cards,” Ms Sikazwe-Mothae said.

“Anyone who is interested in opening a forex account off-shore should consult our Private Bankers.”

SLB, she said, would soon launch a diaspora mortgage facility which seeks to reach out to Basotho living outside the country and encourage them to invest in the country.

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