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Spido ends hiatus with uhuru track


Mohalenyane Phakela

KWAITO crooner Rethabile Ralebese, popular known as Spido, has emerged from a two-year musical break with a 50th independence anniversary commemorative track titled Lesotho.

He told XpressPeople the track takes listeners through various epochs of the country’s history, with the first verse eulogising the founder of the Basotho nation, Moshoeshoe I, while the second verse recounts the wealth and beauty of the Mountain Kingdom.

“I love reading Sesotho books especially history and ancient poems like Sekoele. I then fused the information I collected from those works with my own creativity to come up with this song which celebrates Morena Moshoeshe’s legacy as well the richness of our Kingdom in the Sky,” Spido said.

“As a Mosotho child and one who is an artist, it is important to know our history because it can greatly influence our compositions. This is important as it shows the rest of the world that we take pride in our own,” he said.

Spido made his debut in 2010 with the album Khuluma which made him a sought after artiste. He secured several gigs including the then popular Morija Arts and Cultural Festival and that same year won the contest to record with South Africa’s 999 Music held at Morija. However, nothing materialised, much to his disappointment. Spido had adopted the ‘Ghetto Ruff’ music style of the likes of South African stars Zola and Mandoza (late) but on his return, he has fused old school Kwaito with Hip Hop to bring out the currently popular New Age Kwaito sound.

The Ha Pita-born musician also revealed to Xpress People that he was working on his sophomore album titled Makatolle due for release next year.

“My break did not mean I had given up but just had to sort out some personal stuff. I am still passionate about music and want to create a legacy. However, it is hard to fully commit to music for it is not paying hence we do it in our spare time. I design signage boards and sell branded merchandise to earn a living and support my music career,” he said.

“I am working on my second 11-track album which will further emphasise the cultural aspect through the use of the rich Sesotho language. It will feature local acts like Rumo La Koebe, Popota and Nde Seleke,” Spido said, adding the track Fatše la bo ntat’a rona would be released as a single to promote the album. He said the track bemoaned Basotho’s failure to benefit from the “gold the country possesses.”


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