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Spetzo’s Pizza expands to Sefika


Mamohlakola Letuka

AFTER successfully launching his Spetzo’s Pizza eatery in Ha-Foso last November, entrepreneur Teboho Nchaba on Friday unveiled his second restaurant at Sefika complex in Maseru.

Mr Nchaba (30) told the Business Journal on the side-lines of the launch ceremony that the opening of the new shop was spurred by high public demand for their pizzas.

He said the initial concept for the eatery was a mobile wood-fired oven that would be transported to customers, adding that they decided to variate with a shop and seating furniture.

Mr Nchaba said he had not anticipated the success that he and his partners had attained when venturing into the business. He said the idea for the business was inspired by his neighbour.

“I once had a random talk with my neighbour who said to me ‘why should you work for another man?’. That was when I had expressed to him my desire to get a job,” he said

“Those words stayed with me ever since. From then on, I didn’t want to be employed; instead I wanted to start something innovative that would bring value to my country.”

Mr Nchaba expressed hope that the success of Spetzo’s Pizza would inspire other budding entrepreneurs to venture into various endeavours.

“I hope it passes the message that all can be achieved,” he said.

“Our pizza is a testimony that our culture can be improvised and be modernised.”

The road to success had not been rosy but littered with various obstacles such as hiring the right workers.

Mr Nchaba said he had to delay the launch of the Sefika restaurant “due to the unprofessionalism of some people”.

“The people who helped me set up the second shop were not professional, especially in terms of time. I had to pay rent for a space I wasn’t using because of them.”

Other challenges he faced included erratic suppliers who sometimes forced him to source raw materials by himself in South Africa.

“My suppliers sometimes fail to supply in time, in which case I have to go to Bloemfontein and buy everything myself. It is a tricky scenario because I am also needed here; meaning I have to postpone other things.”

Ten people are in the company’s employ so far, he said, adding that they were also looking to hire more people trained in handling food hygienically.


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