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Song not about Beaver : Dunamis

Mohalenyane Phakela


FOLLOWING a barrage of criticism from fellow rappers over his single RAW, Dunamis has claimed the song was not meant to lampoon the late Beaver but was inspired by a movie.
Speaking to Xpress People this week, Dunamis said the single RAW (Righteous Ancient Warriors at war) was inspired by the movie Beaver.

“I am a movie fanatic and after watching that movie I felt touched as it more about things that happen in life so I decided to do a track about it,” said the South African Music Awards (SAMA) winner.
“The movie is about a successful guy who people looked up to, not knowing he has so many problems and had even attempted suicide several times.”

The verse “I see as lot of Beavers on the KOL streets”, Dunamis said, is in reference to the many depressed people who are on the verge of committing suicide yet society thinks they have it made.
“I have heard about the late rapper Beaver and that he had sung about me but I never met him or even heard any of his songs,” Dunamis said
“As an artist, the audience interprets your music in different forms and never take the initiative to ask you if it really means what they think it does but are quick to make their own assumptions.”

According to Dunamis, the furore began when he was interviewed by the South African television network, etv, in which he said was misinterpreted.
“The presenter asked me if there are rappers in Lesotho and my answer was how could he ask me that when I was in there and I said ‘here I am’, so most people assumed I meant that I am the only rapper in Lesotho,” he said.
“I have so many connections in South Africa and that is why my music is playing on different stations and channels there, as well as a SAMA award.
“Rather than asking me how I managed to do it, these local rappers are hating on and insulting me because I am living their dream.”

Meanwhile, a woman who claims to be the mother of Dunamis’ child has vouched for the rapper, saying he has a right to tell his story about the real message behind the track. Moketenyane Mokoena said that the track RAW speaks about a character in a movie and not the late rapper as most people think.
“Retz (Dumanis) is not interested in having ‘beefs’ with other artistes,” said Mokoena.
“That is why he simply ignores them when they tease him in their songs as it is something they have been doing for a long time even before he thought of the track.”
She said RAW is mostly about Dunamis’ rise to stardom and what he has become in the music industry.
“We watched the movie one night with Retz after which he started writing the song saying that he will include some of the happenings in the songs,” she said.

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