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Son fatally stabs dad with spear

‘Mantoetse Maama

BUTHA-BUTHE — A son allegedly stabbed his father to death with a spear in Likhahleng, Butha-Buthe, last Thursday.
It is alleged that Rashea Mocobo, 19, was intervening in the fight between his parents when the father, Jubilee, hit him with a hammer and he retaliated by fatally stabbing him with a spear.
Mocobo is in police custody.
Police spokesperson Pheello Mphana confirmed the incident.
“It was reported that Jubilee Mocobo was stabbed to death last week Thursday. It is suspected that his son murdered him,” Mphana said.
“There was a quarrel between the deceased and his wife and when he chased her away Rashea and his siblings tried to intervene.
“The deceased assaulted his son and the son fought back and stabbed him with a spear.
“The spear will be used as an exhibit in the case.”
The deceased’s wife, ’Matebello, told the Sunday Express that her husband was armed with a hammer and a spear when he attacked her.
Rashea allegedly tried to intervene but the angry Jubilee fought him too.
’Matebello said it was during the fight that Rashea stabbed his father.
’Matebello, who was still shocked by the death of her husband, said there had been previous quarrels in the family.
She said Jubilee used to chase the whole family away from home and they would seek refuge from neighbours.
She said on the fateful Thursday, relatives had come to their home to try to help them solve their problems but Jubilee allegedly refused to take part in the meeting.
“On Thursday morning our relatives visited us to resolve our problems but he did not want to be part of that meeting,” ’Matebello said.
“Even his brother did not attend the meeting yet they were informed about it.
“Late in the afternoon he came back drunk and as usual he started insulting and beating me again.
“He even chased me away but my children tried to intervene but they were also chased away.
“Rashea had tried to talk to him earlier that day about his behaviour and how he was tarnishing the image of the family.
“My husband asked Rashea if he wanted to fight him.
“He was holding a spear and a hammer and then he hit Rashea with the hammer.
“Rashea took that spear in his hands and stabbed him. I did not see it when he stabbed him.”

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