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Sky Events: One stop shop for adventure seekers

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Mohalenyane Phakela

THE success of Lesotho’s biggest corporate fitness event, the Maseru Mall Corporate Challenge, exceeded the organising body’s expectations with up to 500 people participating in various events.

Four teammates carry the fifth member in the event Tyre Chariots

Four teammates carry the fifth member in the event Tyre Chariots

Staff from the Sunday Express, and its sister paper the Lesotho Times, also participated in the event, albeit dismally, but ultimately came out winners as it was a good team building exercise as well as a fun activity.

This week, Xpress People caught up with Sky Events founder, Christian Schmidt, so he could shed more light on their activities. According to Schmidt, the Maseru Mall Corporate Challenge is one of four annual competitions held by Sky Events.

“The Maseru Mall Corporate Challenge is get corporates out of the office to exercise and build a teamwork spirit in a fun-filled environment; something that seldom happens,” said Schmidt.

“It is through this challenge that Sky Events is promoting healthy competition and fair play both at the playground and in the office.”

The challenge, said Schmidt, is where endurance and team mettle are put to the test.

“Participants have to complete as a team and help their colleagues, which is similar to the challenges they face at work where they have to solve problems together,” he said.

This year the challenge was high octane with shorter and faster events. It was designed in such a way that entrants had to work together to complete the two kilometre obstacle course and bicycle relay to be crowned champions. Most of the events, such as Tyre Chariots – where four members had to carry the fifth one on a tyre for about 80 metres, and Tyre Flips – where they had to flip a big truck tyre for over 50 metres, required teamwork to be completed.

Following the positive feedback the event has received, Schmidt said they are now working on making the next corporate challenge tougher to keep participants intrigued. He said they intend to hold the challenge on quarterly basis in different locations, such as Malealea, to expose people across the country to the experience and also promote adventure tourism.

Another Sky Events baby, the Lesotho Sky Race, will commence on 24 September.

“The Lesotho Sky race is a 380km mountain bike race through Lesotho’s mountainous terrain for over six days, and has been able to attract riders from as far as Switzerland and Germany who will to come to compete in the race,” Schmidt stated.

“The first day of the challenge is a Total Time Trial whereby teams cycle around Lesotho Sun Hotel over a 24km course and one with the shortest time wins.

“The following days will be a long distance challenge which will end at Ramabanta on September 26.”

Schmidt implored teams that participated in the Maseru Mall Corporate Challenge to see the Lesotho Sky Race as the next challenge in which they join 14 compatriots who will be representing Lesotho against the foreign contingent.

Another Sky Events tourney, the Malealea Monster MTB Challenge, incorporates plenty of adventure into one action packed weekend with trail running, mountain biking, night running, night walks and other fun activities like a pool-competition and foosball over the whole weekend of April.

Said Schmidt of the Malealea Monster MTB Challenge: “We guarantee a great time for you and your family with awesome food and a great atmosphere.

“We have special events for kids and have arranged for babysitters while you are out on the course.”

Sky Events has designed short distances on every course and activity to ensure newbies are not left in the lurch.

“Even if you would like to simply support your loved ones, Malealea offers you plenty of relaxing opportunities while you enjoy the breathtaking scenery,” he said.

Last but certainly not least, Schmidt said, Sky Events also offers tours to different tourism destinations in Lesotho, but only available on request. Such tours include the 14-day Lesotho North – South on MTB trail.

“This tour is the ultimate Lesotho exploration tour and includes a visit to the only museum in the country, with the option to do the highest abseil in the world down the Maletsunyane Falls in Semonkong,” Schmidt said.

The tour starts off at Lesotho’s only 5-star accommodation, Maliba Lodge, and ends at the famous Malealea Lodge. There will also be two days of rest days with 450km covered on bicycles.

According to Schmidt, there’s lots more from where these tours come from.

His parting shot or those with a quench for adventure, Sky Events is your one stop destination.

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