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Skaftin innovates with WhatsApp

Nthatuoa Koeshe

“THERE will be no progress if you do not think outside,” says comedian Skaftin.

The comedian said this in a recent interview on the back of his innovation to post adverts on his WhatsApp status.

Although he started the practice charging M300 per client for five days of advertising, a friend encouraged him to lower the prices to M50 for 24 hours.

He told the Xpress People that the innovation has worked wonders since he started it early this year.

the box and people like Jeremiah Lebea are always there to come up with mind blowing ideas to generate income.

He recently uploaded a screenshot of the over 300 views on one of his statuses on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and captioned it: “This is the mileage we get on WhatsApp”.

“Pay M300 and we’ll run your advert for five days straight.”

He said since he started it on 14 January, he has been getting encouraging numbers.

“On 17 January I got my first customer and on the 18th I got five customers. People are still coming in and making calls asking about this idea and showing interest in advertising with me,” he said

He said the idea came from the realisation that hordes of people view his status profiles and decided to monetise it.

“I have almost 1300 contacts and 90 percent of the time I am sharing things that do not make me grow such as jokes and small talk so I took that as a chance to start something rewarding,” he said

He said the also came about at a time when he was watching the Third Industrial Revolution-A Radical New Sharing Economy lecture which is basically about how the global economy is in crisis and how the world needs to shift its production models.

Skaftin said as much as people are scared that machines are slowly stealing people’s jobs, they have to think quick and smart.

“Being rigid and conventional isn’t going to help us in anyway. It’s the rule of nature; adapt or die,” he said.

He said people also have to accept that having a smart mobile device in their pockets means that they have 10 times better technology that the first people who went to the moon.

“We used to buy music, books and magazines but now we access or share most of those instantly on our phones and it only means the platforms and means of getting information have changed.”

Skaftin said the lecture helped him figure out that since people are always communicating via mobile phones, it was easy to share content that can help those people who view his WhatsApp statuses?

Currently, he gets 300 views in 24 hours and says he is still hoping to expand beyond just WhatsApp.


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