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Skaftin in ‘laugh less’ solo act

Nthatuoa Koeshe

LOCAL comedian, Skaftin, could be regretting the decision to celebrate his birthday with a one-man stand-up comedy show as it proved to be disastrous after he failed to ignite laughter in his audience at Cuban Linx on Wednesday evening.

Despite having flopped two months back, people had come in great numbers to support the comedian but they were disappointed as their expectations were not met after the Butha Buthe jester failed to deliver.

On the night of the show, the comedian had four sessions on stage with music in between each session. The first was an introductory where he narrated the story of his life. There were a few isolated giggles from the audience but the pattern was soon broken as conversations overtook the comedy.

The comedian then decided to walk off the stage into the audience in attempt to get their concentration but that still failed to work.

Since March this year, Skaftin, real name Jeremiah Lebea, has been hosting comedy nights at the down town club every last Wednesday of the month where he would feature other guest comedians such as Leotoana and Mkhondwane and others from South Africa.

In July this year, the show failed dismally when the audience walked out of the venue without a notable climax but Skaftin moved to redeem his show last month when he had the likes Lilaphalapha on his line-up as the show was riddled with rib crackers.

At the last show however, the audience lamented that the comic took too long to reach a climax.

“We had to wait for a while before he reached his climax and that kind of makes an audience lose concentration,” said one member of the audience.

Skaftin however, said he was satisfied with the show as tickets were sold out.

He said he also got feedback from part of the audience who commended him for a good show.

“A lot of people told me they enjoyed themselves but there were some who noted that my last set didn’t go well as people started losing concentration,” Skaftin said.

He said he was however, aware that whenever a show is delayed, the audiences up chatting among themselves instead of concentrating on whoever is on stage.

Skaftin also said he anticipated it would be a bit difficult for him as the show was his first solo act.

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