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Sisters use fake passport to defraud money lender

Nat Molomo
MASERU — A Maseru woman said she was coerced by two sisters into using a fake passport to secure a M13 970 loan from a local money lending company on their behalf before being paid M500 as a reward, the Maseru magistrate’s court heard last week.
‘Mabataung Matsepe, 42, said this as she testified against the two sisters — Mpoetsi, 45, and Liketso Sekhibane, 42, during their trial on Wednesday.
The sisters have pleaded not guilty.
The state alleges that on 10 March 2008, Matsepe misrepresented herself to an employee of Edu-Loan, Mobu Kolobe, to secure a cheque for M13 970.
She later cashed the cheque at Standard Lesotho Bank.
Matsepe said she was talked into using an elaborate scheme to use a fake passport and payslip to secure a loan from the money lending company.
“Mpoetse said I would get M500 for my services and later Liketso came to tell me details of the scam,” Matsepe told the court.
Matsepe said she later met with ‘Masenate Mohale, who is also accused of defrauding Edu-Loan of varying amounts of money using the same modus operandi. 
“We proceeded to the Traffic Department together with Liketso and ‘Masenate and had our photos taken,” Matsepe said.
She said from the Traffic Department they went to Khabo’s Motors, where Liketso gave her a fake payslip telling her she would assume the name Lipuo Seka in the deal.
“From there we proceeded to the Maseru Passport Office, where a man by the name of Kioi gave two passports to Liketso.
“Liketso then handed me a passport with the name Lipuo Seka,” Matsepe said.
According to Matsepe, they later went to the Edu-Loan offices where she was served by Kolobe who later handed her a cheque for M13 970.
Matsepe said she went to cash the cheque at Standard Lesotho Bank and then gave the money to Liketso.
She was then paid a fee of M500 as per the agreement which Matsepe said she used to purchase a pair of shoes and trousers for her son as well as a packet of maize-meal.
The trial continues.

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