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Shot in the arm for St Angela kids


’Marafaele Mohloboli

CHILDREN at St Angela Home for the Disabled in Ha Abia, Maseru were over the weekend gifted with groceries by former Maseru Town Clerk, Moeko Maboee and Land Administration Authority (LAA) CEO, ’Mataeli Sekhantšo. Ms Sekhantšo made the donation in her personal capacity.

The groceries included canned foods, snacks, bread flour, maize meal, beans, rice, cooking oil, peas, soup, potatoes, cabbage, onions, sugar, tea and milk.

Mr Maboee and Ms Sekhantšo said they initially wanted to donate the groceries during the Christmas holidays but they were unable to do so due to other commitments.

“I have always wanted to donate to this home and I felt more obliged because I failed to fix the road to the home during my time as town clerk,” Mr Maboee said.

“I thought it would add to my failures if did not help with food. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. It is therefore our collective responsibility to take care of these kids. We need to help them realise their dreams because who knows, tomorrow one of them could become prime minister,” he added.

On her part, Ms Sekhantšo said it was important to teach the children skills to fend for themselves instead of relying on donations.

“We should be teaching them how to catch fish by helping them grow their projects for sustainability because with time, the donations will run out. Our visit today (yesterday) has helped us to assess the centre’s needs and we promise to knock on all our local and international friends’ doors to get them to lend a helping hand,” Ms Sekhantšo said.

Sister ’Mamokotjo Mokoteli, the caretaker at the centre, thanked Ms Sekhantšo and Mr Maboee for the donation. She said it was important to empower the children in various aspects, adding that their self-esteem was boosted whenever they were able to do things for themselves.

“We want them to be empowered to do things for themselves. We are appealing for computers as this will help them with their studies during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are therefore calling upon anyone who can help to assist us with computers,” Sister Mokoteli said.

Itumeleng Mphatsi, a special education teacher at the home, said some of the children were slow learners who required patient and dedicated teachers to assist them to reach their potential.








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