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Shop heist trio caught with M90 000 airtime

‘Mantoetse Maama


MASERU — Three of the five men suspected to have robbed a supermarket in Mohale’s Hoek were last week caught in possession of airtime vouchers worth M90 000.

The three are suspected to be members of a five-man gang that robbed the supermarket at gunpoint on May 17 and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Although the supermarket did not report the vouchers stolen, police suspected they were part of the loot.

When police raided their homes on May 17, a few hours after the robbery had been reported, police found Vodacom airtime vouchers worth M15 000 and MTN airtime vouchers valued at M75 000.

Police spokesperson Masupha Masupha said the supermarket owners are yet to establish how much they lost in the robbery.

The three suspects, who are now in police custody, are Pate Mokhooe, 26, Pelaelo Maino, 28, and Captain Mokoma, 30.

“The three men appeared in court and they were remanded in custody,” Masupha said.

“The other two men are still at large and police are still doing further investigations on this case.”

Meanwhile, police have launched an operation to round up illegal firearms and drugs, especially dagga, in Mapoteng and Teyateyaneng.

Masupha said the operation, launched on May 20, has since netted three suspects who were found with dagga in their homes.

“Police managed to arrest two women and one man who were found in possession of dagga in their homes,” he said.

The three suspects are all from Bela-Bela.

‘Malietsiso Nale, 64, was caught with 20 bags of dagga while ‘Mamajoang Mabasoa, 33, had a half-bag of dagga.

The other suspect, Makhetha Mokotsane, 68, was found with four bags of dagga.

“The three suspects appeared in court on May 21 and they were charged and found guilty for illegal possession of dagga,” Masupha said.

Each of them was sentenced to one month in prison.

“Police also found abandoned dagga weighing 244.2kg in Ha ‘Malebesana village and the villagers did not know who the owner of that dagga was,” Masupha added.

“Police are still investigating.”

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