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Seoli elected PLMC president

Moorosi Tsiane

SWALLOWS president Mosa Seoli was on Friday elected the new Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) chairperson dethroning former Matlama president Ikarabele Sello.

Sello was elected president in 2018 taking over from Bantu president Leuta John Leuta.

It has however, not been an easy ride for Sello and his team as the PLMC has been rocked by problems among them loss of sponsorship for the Independence Cup after Metropolitan withdrew its sponsorship.

Seoli told the Sunday Express on Friday that his intention is to improve the quality of local football to an extent where it can attract sponsors.

He said the progress of local football has been hindered by the lack of professionalism and his leadership would start it.

“For a long time, local football’s biggest challenge has been the lack of professionalism and we need to work on moving from that stage and see our leagues becoming professional so that players can make a living out of football,” Seoli said.

“The other challenge our league is faced with is that it depends on LeFA too much, so we must start making plans on how to become autonomous. We must be able to find our own sponsors…”

He said they were planning to form structures in the PLMC that will help in the running of the league. In the past, the PLMC took a back seat in the running of the league but that must now change.

The Swallows boss said they were wary that this might take long to achieve but said they were making plans to build synergies with the corporate world for the betterment of local football.

“Once we are done with these structures, it would be easy to get partners and we should start looking beyond just getting league and cup sponsors but also have partners who can help in different programmes. We must also work on the development structures of local football to ensure that our league get the quality and the product that we need. So, we are also targeting having national development leagues working with LeFA and trained coaches.

“It might take long to achieve these things but at least if there is a plan, those who come after us will continue with the work.”

Seoli will be deputised by Baba Malephane. Mokhethi Raphuthing was elected secretary general while Hopolang Nathane is his deputy.

Qamako Mahao was elected the public relations officer while Donny Nthakha is returning as a committee member.

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