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Senzo Meyiwa’s Legacy

Hello fellow Bucs. I hope the hearts aren’t as heavy for you this morning as they were yesterday. Senzo Meyiwa’s death shocked us all, but what we can celebrate is the legacy he has left behind.

Senzo was a special character. It is hard to put into words how much of an incredible human being he was… Hopefully I can do him some justice.

I can rewind back to when Owen da Gama took charge in 2007. Meyiwa had only previously played one game for the first team, but the now assistant South African coach was adamant that the boy was going to be big.

For years, Meyiwa played second fiddle to Francis Chansa and Moeneeb Josephs. Nonetheless, he was patient… he waited for his turn.

They say patience is a virtue, well; in this case it was for Meyiwa. He studied with a watchful eye of his opposite numbers, and he steadily and quietly improved his game.

Up until last season, Meyiwa was a so-called ‘benchwarmer’. Still, he preserved and when Roger de Sa opted to make him first choice, ‘Casillas’ was ready to make his mark on the world.

He immediately showed a sense of authority, and he helped carry the team to the CAF Champions League final as well as three other cup finals that season.

He built a direct relationship with the fans, and he became an almost father type figure to some of the younger talents emerging in the squad.

It was fitting that he wore the number one jersey in the squad, as he was the number one player in the team. He was the leader, the fans favourite and an inspiring story for any Bucs fan to tell their children.

His long wait and tireless patience were rewarded in the end; all while his constantly present smile and animated celebrations graced the hearts of the people of Orlando.

Meyiwa leaves behind a void that few will be able to fill, but he also leaves behind a memory of love, light and happiness. He leaves behind a legacy that patience and hard work pays off, he leaves behind himself.

Shakes Mashaba said there is no way Meyiwa’s spirit will leave Mayfair, and I have to believe that. The walls and fields at Parktown and Orlando Stadium will existent with his undying essence.

Kaizer Motaung once said: ‘Once a Pirate, always a Chiefs.’ Well, I am sorry, I feel that it is ‘Once a Pirate, always a leader’.

Thank you, Senzo. RIP Meyiwa.

– Soccer Laduma

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