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Seminar spotlights relationships



Accapella Moment to perform at the relationship seminar..

Mohalenyane Phakela

LOVE will be in the air on Saturday as events management outfit, Purple Africa Media, will host a relationship seminar at Victory Hall in Moshoeshoe II.

According to the event coordinator, Lisema Mapetla, the seminar was meant to equip people in relationships with knowledge on how they can last.

“Due to the numerous relationship problems faced by many couples resulting in the escalating divorce rates, we felt compelled to host the seminar with the intention of guiding people on how they can try to make it work,” he told XpressPeople this past week.

“Many conflicts between partners are caused by minor problems that can easily be solved by communicating. Unfortunately, many people are nowadays quick to resort to splits.”

Mapetla said the seminar also catered for people who were not yet in relationships.

“We are hoping to cater for almost everyone irrespective of age or if they are in a relationship. We will give particular focus to girls who sometimes confuse love with flings and believe having a baby can keep a man. This often leads to unwanted pregnancies and many fatherless children,” he said.

“Some people are single because they believe they are not tailored to be in a relationship, yet in some cases they just lack the qualities to make a relationship work.”

Motivational speaker Peter Mahase of Ground Shakers will address the seminar along with two other surprise guests from Botswana. Entertainment will be provided by Accapella Moment, radio personality DJ Mo Damane and comedian Masapo.

Mapetla said while relationships were mainly built on love, there were other aspects such as emotional, physical and financial support.

“Apart from love, relationships need emotional, physical and financial support and deficiencies in any of these aspects may result in cheating and splits,” he said.

“For instance, a couple may be financially stable but lack quality time with each other or may be poor and cheat for financial gain. So we are hoping to discuss the ways to finding balance in all sectors.”

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