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Security guard shot dead


’Marafaele Mohloboli

A 30-year-old man was shot dead in Ha Seoli on Friday around 8pm.

Police spokesperson Clifford Molefe confirmed the shooting in an interview with the Sunday Express, and said the man was from Matsieng but had been residing in Ha Nyaba-nyaba in Ha Seoli.

The deceased, whose name is known to the Sunday Express, was working for a local private security company. He was found lying in a pool of blood and the police recovered several shells from 9mm and 7.65 pistols at the scene.

According to Senior Inspector Molefe, the man was shot as he stood outside his rented home.

“Police investigations have so far, indicated that the man was standing outside his rented apartment when two men came his direction and started shooting at him,” Snr Insp Molefe said.

However, according to Sunday Express investigations, the man had received a call shortly before the shooting, asking him to come outside his house for a meeting.

“But when he went out, he was shot at by two unidentified men. Several shells were found at the scene, and this killing could be a continuation of the shooting that left five people dead in a nearby bar on Monday evening. The bar was in the same neighborhood, and is suspected to have been famo-related,” said the source.

A vicious dispute between Mafeteng-based famo music gangs by the names of Terene and Seakhi which are identified by the colours of their blanket-dress, has claimed dozens of lives over recent years. The fighting is over which musicians are better and more powerful, and despite interventions by various stakeholders to stop the feud, the shootings continue unabated.

Meanwhile, it is also alleged when the police searched the deceased’s house, he was found to have been using a letlama blanket for a pillow. The letlama is a red-and-black blanked used by the Seakhi group while Terene members wear yellow blankets.

Snr Insp Molefe sid of the claim: “We would want to think that this could still be a famo-related shooting, but are not sure yet as investigations are still ongoing.”

Regarding last Monday’s shooting that claimed five lives in the Ha Seoli bar, the Sunday Express has since been informed that 24-year-old ’Mannete Moroke, Tholang Monyatsi (34), Moorosi Mokoena (34) and Neo Joseph Makhanya (50), were unfortunate to have been caught in crossfire as they were not in any way related to these groups.

“It appears the unidentified man who died and the owner of the shop who escaped unscathed were the ones being hunted,” revealed the source.

However, no one has been arrested in connection with the killings.

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