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SA hip hop artist Chana mesmerises revellers

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — Litaleng was the hub of fun on Friday night when South African hip hop artist Khuli Chana mesmerised revellers.

Dozens of music fans started flocking into the club as early as 8pm anticipating having fun, and fun they had.

By the time the South African entertainer and a member of a hip hop group Morafe took to the stage slightly after 1am, more than 500 revellers were already enjoying the party.

Chana started off performing popular songs by other South African artists to get revellers singing along.

The artist who was described as young and fresh by organisers had people screaming when he got onto the stage.

His Motswako style of rhyming which encompasses elements of various music backgrounds challenged local emcees to think out of the box when producing.

Motswako is a mixture of different South African languages with slang and is a popular form of language among the youths.

When Chana finally performed his hit single Tswak Stik’em which won Channel O and Hype awards last year, Litaleng oozed with excitement.

He almost killed the mood when he performed one of his songs unknown to Lesotho’s hip hop music market, Good Life, but managed to bounce back with HHP’s Easy and revellers started feeling the vibe again.

The Mmabatho-born star told Xpress People he enjoyed performing for a crowd that was getting to know him as an artist.

“This is taking me back to a time when I was starting out and performing for crowds that just love good music and not me,” he said.

He added: “To set the mood right, I had to take my fans back to where I am from by performing my fellow motswakolistas’ songs before I could drop my offering.”

Chana said he had been looking forward to visiting Lesotho.

“Lesotho’s crowd is the best I have had in a long time and it was overwhelming than I had expected.

“I came to Lesotho while I was still with Morafe and I have been looking forward to returning from the moment I started recording my first album.”

Chana performed hits like Konka, Khuli Chana Freshe and No More Hunger from his debut album MotswakoOriginator.

Perceiving himself as the best and hottest Motswako artist in history hip hop, Chana says he strives for perfection.

“I am more about bringing back the show, the energy, creativity and quality performance that is out of the ordinary. I look up to people like Muhammad Ali who said he was the greatest before he even faced a challenge and that keeps the spirit high.”

The night started off with hip hop music blazing to set the mood before performances fired up.

With the norm of early revelry in the country, organisers had it planned out to not disappoint fans.

Hip hop DJ Max Mora raised the curtain and ensured merrymakers remained on the dance floor.

Minister Po and Qekha also displayed local hip hop talent when they stepped on to the stage spitting hip hop.

Local DJs kept the music pumping until the wee hours of the morning leaving revellers fired up.

The night then took a twist when the music diverted from hip hop to house and Kwaito letting merrymakers shake the morning chill away.

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