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SA actor assaulted by gangsters


Cape Town

AN actor who played a part in the South African film Noem My Skollie was assaulted because his portrayal of a gangster in the film allegedly upset actual gang members.

In a 50-second video that was uploaded onto Facebook a group of men who appear to be members of the 28s gang, from what they can be heard saying, push David Manual around and tell him that he made an awful movie.

The incident appears to have played out in Gugulethu, either at or near popular hangout Mzoli’s.

Manual played the character Gums in the movie, a ringleader of the 28s gang operating in Pollsmoor prison.

In the video clip Manual, standing near a car, is surrounded by men who start pushing him against it.

“He makes a kak movie of the 8s,” one of the men can be heard saying.

Concern for actor’s safety

Manual tries in vain to explain that the movie isn’t about the gang.

He was repeatedly smacked, punched and pushed around.

Neither Manual nor Mzoli’s responded to repeated requests for comment.

Benjamin Overmeyer, a producer from Gamebit Films who worked with Manual on Noem My Skollie , said he was concerned about Manual’s safety.

According to him, this was not the first time the actor’s life had been threatened following the film’s screening.

This despite that the film had received the approval of a top 28s general, the producer said.

“The film [ Noem My Skollie ] was firstly shown in the Pollsmoor prison [where the film plays out] and one of the top generals of the 28’s [gang] didn’t have a problem with the film. It’s interesting that the leader agrees with the film and not lower-level members of the gang,” said Overmeyer, who will be working with Manual on a follow-up of the SA Film and TV Award-winning short film Nommer 37 . – News24


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