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Robocop calls for ceasefire

Nthatuoa Koeshe

RAPPER Robocop, who is notorious for tiffs with fellow artistes, says he has now reformed and is making peace with all the other artistes with whom he has been warring for several years.

This hip hop punch line king said this in a recent interview with the Xpress People adding that he has even apologised to artistes like Skebz D, T Mech and Mega Hertz.

Robocop said as part of his commitment, he will be releasing a song titled Ngwaneo featuring Skebz D, T Mech, Irysh da Princess, Gee Flaggz, Lu Srenk, L Tweety, Lemeke oa mochini and K-otic, which he said was his way of uniting local artistes.

He said he will also be working closely with Carbon Beats on the track which is due for release on the 25th of this month.

“My plan is to unite local artistes through music collaborations like the one we are working on and there will be many more in the future,” Robocop said.

He said even though he will be working with the aforementioned artistes with who he had beef in the past, he is however unsure if he will work with Mega Hertz in the future though as it is his wish that they work together one day.

“I haven’t approached Mega Hertz about working with him in the future but I am glad we ended the bad blood we had and have started on a clean slate,” he said. He added that for now, it his wish to work with Mega Hertz.

There has been serious animosity between Robocop and Mega Hertz in 2017 where the fight got personal leading to the release of diss tracks against each other.

“The hip-hop industry has been famously known for beef over the years and for me it has always been about who is better than the other and who has created a lot of negative energy in the local rap game. However, now it is about building our brands,” he said.

Late last year Robocop released a song titled Bophelo baka loosely translated My life where he came out clean about his actions and also explained why he did most of the things he did.

“In the song I explained that I used my background to degrade myself and again how I got into drugs but after quitting, I realised that it’s not about where I am from but about what I want to achieve in the future,” he said.

The singer said he has since stopped abusing drugs and has been clean for the past four years and now wants his fans to erase his bad boy image from their memories as he is now a better person.

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