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Rise in satanism-linked crimes worry police

‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — Acting police commissioner Keketso Monaheng says police are worried about the increase in criminal offences associated with satanism.

Monaheng said police will fight against Satanism as it is their responsibility to protect members of society.

“We have received reports of people who have been murdered, kidnapped and assaulted by people who claim to be members of Satanism religion,” Monaheng said during a press conference on Friday.

“Religion is considered as one of the essential human rights but it is unacceptable if its practices violate other people’s rights. It is our responsibility to ensure that human’s rights are protected,” he said.

He urged society to help them fight these practices.

Monaheng said their investigations have revealed that most members of these satanic cults were youth.

“There are recent cases where after the suspect committed crimes they disclosed that they were members of a satanic group and they need blood. A boy allegedly murdered his mother recently and seriously injured his father. The suspect claimed that he was thirsty for blood,” he said.

A boy and a girl at Molapo High School in Hlotse had confessed to their principal that they were members of a cult that worships the devil.

This was revealed after principal and his teachers heard rumours that some students were wearing tattoos associated them with devil worship.

“People will not be charged for being satanic believers but they will be charged based on the crimes they would have committed. Some of these people have spoken on local radio station confessing that they were members of the satanic group,” he said.

He said they will do whatever it takes to protect society against this religion.

“Unlike in witchcraft where there is no concrete evidence cases related to satanism have evidence, because currently some suspects are facing murder, assault and kidnapping charges,” he said.

Monaheng said they were shocked by the increase of men who are involved in crime.

“We are not saying woman do not commit crime but the statistics reveal that there were more men who are involved in criminal activities. We are planning to introduce more crime prevention strategies to reduce the increasing numbers of crime,” he said.

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