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Rider executes daredevil stunts

Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — The daredevil stunts were breathtaking.

Whizzing past and jumping over five ladies lying prostrate on the tarmac without hurting anyone.

Clambering and swinging over a car without falling.

That was Brian Capper, the nine-time South African National Championship winner, thrilling the crowd at the Roof of Africa launch at Pioneer Mall on Friday.

The 31-year-old off-road rider was definitely doing something that people  only see mostly in movies or TV ads.

“I understand why people get amazed and shocked whenever watching my shows,” Capper told Xpress People after his motorbike stunts.

“I have been doing it for the past 22 years and every time I am on stage I have some sort of fear because this is really dangerous.”

He said he first learned his stunts from TV shows when he was 19 and practises for five hours every day.

“I was always amazed by the performances on TV and I wanted to be the one watched on TV and during live performances,” Capper said.

“So I watched the shows every day on TV and practised at least five hours each day to perfect my moves.

“It got easier by each single practice and I ended up where I am today.”

“But I must tell you it’s scary because we are taking a chance of doing something so dangerous yet enjoyable,” he added.

Capper said he had enjoyed performing before an appreciative crowd in Lesotho.

“The crowd here is incredible and I think they are the best in the world,” he said.

Capper said he will be back in the country in two weeks’ time to compete at the annual Roof of Africa off-road race.

“I will be back in the country in two weeks’ time and hope to perform well at the Roof of Africa competition,” he said.

The Roof of Africa event is set for November 25 to 27.

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