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Reforms will address political bias in govt jobs: Moleleki


’Marafaele Mohloboli

ALLIANCE of Democrats (AD) leader and Deputy Prime Minister Monyane Moleleki says he expects that the envisaged multi-sector reforms will address the perennial challenge of political bias in the promotions and recruitment of officials to the public service and other government jobs.

Mr Moleleki also said his party would use its tenure in the coalition government to address the twin evils of poverty and youth unemployment.

He said this while addressing thousands of party supporters at a recent rally in Koro Koro in the Maseru district.

Lesotho has begun the process of implementing constitutional, security sector, administrative and media reforms which were recommended by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in 2016.

The reforms are seen as crucial in ensuring peace and stability without which socio-economic development will not be possible.

Speaking at the recent rally, Mr Moleleki said the reforms were in step in the right direction as they would improve the lives of Basotho by addressing concerns surrounding the recruitment and promotions of officials to the public service and other government jobs.

“The reforms shall address the issue of promotions and recruitment of people which has been done through unfair means including political affiliation,” Mr Moleleki said.

The AD leader has previously confessed that political affiliation was the main criteria in the recruitment of people to the police and other government institutions during his time as minister in the former seven parties’ coalition that was headed by Democratic Congress (DC) leader, Pakalitha Mosisili. Mr Moleleki is the former DC deputy leader and former Police minister in the Mosisili administration.

Last year, Mr Moleleki accused the former seven parties’ administration of corruptly handing out posts in the country’s security agencies to their supporters.

Mr Moleleki said it was such acts of corruption that prompted him to dump the DC to form the AD in December 2016.

Mr Moleleki revealed he was part of “a corrupt act” of enlisting 250 police recruits from the seven parties’ support base to undergo training at the Police Training College (PTC) in 2016.

“I am one of the people within government that made 22 000 young men and women of this country to wait for long hours in the sun with hope they would get jobs when we knew we already had our people listed somewhere for the police jobs.

“I dare Ntate Mosisili and company to tell me I am lying over this. We did this together. We received 22 000 applications from across the country when there were only 250 vacancies available at the PTC.”

Mr Moleleki added: “Young Basotho waited in the sun for days hoping to get a job, but we, together with Ntate Mosisili had already divided the vacancies among ourselves to say DC was going to get 181, LCD 45 and so on. I decided to walk out of such embarrassing corruption.”

He further stated that there were 100 vacancies at the Lesotho Correctional Service (LCS), “and that too was divided among the parties in government,” Mr Moleleki told this publication.

Speaking at the recent rally, Mr Moleleki also told his supporters that the governing parties and the opposition had agreed on equal representation in the plenary committee that is tasked with preparations for the national dialogue on the reforms.

“The government shall be presented by three representatives; the opposition will also have three while the opposition parties who do not have parliamentary representation will have two representatives.

“The media, the youth, the college of the chiefs and the Christian Council of Lesotho, the non-governmental organisations, women and the disabled will each have one representative,” Mr Moleleki said.

He also called on the youth to refrain from overdependence on the government and come up with initiatives to create jobs and alleviate poverty.

“We don’t have to be dependent on the government to eradicate poverty and youth employment.

Those with fields can lease them out so that they may be utilised to grow food crops and cotton.

“We have already had some of our youths visiting China to learn about the best methods of agriculture and our friends want to come and help us grow cotton which will be used in the textiles.”

Mr Moleleki also said his party’s national executive committee would implement programmes to improve the lives of Basotho.

“For the next five years we commit ourselves before you that each one of us in the NEC shall out do ourselves in serving you. We shall not compete with one another but we shall compete with other parties.”

During the rally AD supporters also “declared war against any form of disloyalty and divisions and commit to cooperate and be subordinate to the elected structures of the party”.

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