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Rappers hit back at Dunamis track

Mohalenyane Phakela

LOCAL rappers have hit back at South African Music Awards winner, Dunamis, after the latter dropped a single titled RAW in which he lampoons other rappers who “should just learn from a true King”.
“I’m the genesis of rap, one who teaches summer to be hot.
“I’m no Free State farmer so I aint got any beef but I see a lot of Beavers in the streets. When I drop, suicide numbers gotta increase…”, were some of the punchlines from the track which upset the late rapper Beaver’s friends and fans.
Beaver committed suicide three years ago.
wIt was no secret that there was no love lost between him and Dunamis.

Dunamis’ release did not bode well with Beaver’s friends who queried why the rapper spoke ill of the dead.
Beavers’ friend and fellow rapper Protagon recently retaliated with the single Retire.
“So you claim to be the reason Beaver chose to go, and just because Beaver died you think you can raise your brainless head and talk “rubbish” about him, nigger step back, Protagon is still here and Beaver was done with you when he left,” blustered Protagon in the track.
“You celebrate the death of ma boy like you are not gonna die. If that is how you make money you better retire. Duna let go of the past that case is closed! You owe this industry an apology.”

Meanwhile, rappers T-Mech, RMC and Emcee Conundrum have also collaborated on a track titled Oh No, released on Wednesday, in which they lay into Dunamis describing him as “lame”.

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