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Rapper keeps the faith in Amsterdam

Mohalenyane Phakela

XP 02BORN and bred in Naleli but currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jimaul Bereng flies the Lesotho flag high with his hard-hitting hip-hop tunes.

Bereng, 20, moved to Holland in 2010 with his parents, and is now attending Amsterdam International Community School.
“I could go on for hours telling you about myself, so I just let my music do the talking,” Bereng told Xpress People in an interview this week.
“I don’t consider myself part of the industry yet because I believe the word implies sales, so I am just doing it for fun and the love of hip-hop culture.
“My inspiration has always been what I experience; the content is what distinguishes one artiste from the other. My music is a way of seeing the better side of life, and look up to the greatest wise men that ever lived such as Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha, but musically, I am inspired by Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z, Tupac and Notorious BIG, to name but a few.
“My dream is to unleash my potential through all media streams and to engage in philanthropic activities, which, in turn, will free the oppressed as the societies we live in and the media have imprisoned people across the globe.”

Bereng’s hard-hitting lyrics invite his listeners to view the world in a way they had never done before. So far, he has produced a number songs which fans have been able to access online.

He shares the links to the songs on his Facebook page, and has built-up a fan base on the social networking site.
“I don’t limit my music to a specific type of audience, which is why I incorporate a lot of humour and imagination.
“I do not expect people to like everything about my music, but rather take what they need, depending on what they are going through.
“I haven’t had challenges yet but my biggest fear is digression. As long as there is improvement, there is room for success.”
Asked when his first album will be available, Bereng chuckled, before responding: “I am not currently thinking about the album, I am just doing what I like, which is music. I have other crazy songs that I listen to on my own as I go to school and when I am chilling.
“A lot of rappers find a flowing technique and keep it but forget that people’s taste changes as well, so you have to change with them. I am working on changing my overall performance and once I have mastered it, I will release a mind-blowing album.”
Bereng said his music is available online and can be downloaded for free.

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