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Rap battle prize money increased


Mohalenyane Phakela

THE prize money for the third edition of the monthly Dirt-Mouth Sessions rap battle has been increased from M1 000 to M3 000 as T.I.E.H.O and TURK face off on Thursday.

Held at the Maseru city centre-based Cuban Linx, the Dirt-Mouth Sessions is a platform for rappers to amicably settle their “beefs” through a live performance before an audience and a panel of judges.

T.I.E.H.O and TURK will go head to head for three rounds, with each rapper given five minutes per round to unleash verbal attacks on their opponent before judges Mr Maps, Cymtom Beats and Dallas T. The audience also has a say in the judges’ decisions.

Fellow rappers Sadon, Blitz, Prime Zeik, Iso and Nirex will be the supporting acts with DJs Da Starr, Hitman and Hobbs entertaining the crowd behind the decks.

T.I.E.H.O and TURK have been billing up the event on social media by promising to give their all in the rap battle. Fans have also been making M500 bets on their favourite rappers.

One of the event’s organisers, DJ Da Starr, told Xpress People T.I.E.H.O and TURK added M1 000 each to the prize money to prove confidence in winning.

“T.I.E.H.O and TURK indicated to us that they wanted to take each other head on,” he said.

“To show their seriousness, each of them added M1 000 to the M1 000 prize money saying the winner should take it all.”

The first edition of the Dirt-Mouth Sessions was held on 29 June 2017 and saw rappers OG S’killz and Anonymous face off in a three-round battle. OG S’Killz emerged victorious from the battle. In the second edition, held on 27 July 2017, Kat Law beat Silent Fate.

“Our pilot edition had a better response compared to the one held last month,” said DJ Da Starr.

“The momentum for the upcoming event is much higher and we have seen that through the comments and bets on our Facebook page.

“We want to maintain that level of hype in the next editions. Plans for next month’s show are already in place to ensure it raises the bar even higher, with this year’s final show to be held in December.”


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