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Raletooane acquires FIVB coaches’ instructor certificate

Moorosi Tsiane

RENOWNED volleyball coach Tšepo Raletooane recently completed a five-day Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Level III trainers’ course to become the first Mosotho qualify as a coaches’ instructor.

The course started on 7 September and ended on the 14th in Egypt.

Raletooane has won several domestic trophies with one of the country’s top teams Red Skins. He told the Sunday Express that he was happy with the achievement.

“This is a great achievement and I am happy with it,” Raletooane said.

“I took the course because I wanted to improve myself as a coach. For me that was more important than being a coaches’ instructor.

“I did the second level way back in 2011 and we haven’t had Level III since then, so I took the course to enhance my skills and knowledge on the modern coaching methodologies.”

He said it was a great achievement for Lesotho to have its own instructor as this will now be cheaper for the Lesotho Volleyball Association (LVA) to have their own courses without having to wait for FIVB to send an instructor.

“This is good for the development of the sport locally because LVA will no longer have to wait for years before holding courses for their coaches as was the case in the past.

“You can imagine that since 2011 there has not been any courses. So now all that required from the FIVB is a go ahead with the course instead of waiting for an instructor from outside the country. It is also going to be much cheaper unlike outsourcing.

“The other advantage is that this time around there is now and instructor who understands our cultures,” Raletooane said.

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