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Radio presenter alleges police brutality


thahakhube-fm-news-department-assistant-manager-moseketsi-nkuebe’Marafaele Mohloboli/Pascalinah Kabi

THAHA-KHUBE (TK) FM presenter Moseketsi Nkuebe says police kicked, made her roll on the ground and verbally-abused her while arresting her boyfriend who was wanted in connection with a slew of armed robberies on Friday.

A shaken Ms Nkuebe yesterday told the Sunday Express it all started when she and her boyfriend were sitting in her car near to the TK FM premises at around 6pm.

“Suddenly, we were surrounded by some heavily-armed men whom we later discovered were police from the anti-vehicle theft unit known as TF,” she said.

“I was ordered out of the car and made to lie down on my stomach. They made me to roll on the gravel while at the same time insulting me.”

Ms Nkuebe added: “I was kicked and also thrown onto a fence and even have some scratches. It was like a movie because people stood by and watched while I was being called a slut. The police were particularly incensed because I talked on the phone while they were pointing guns at us.”

She said they were then whisked to the anti-vehicle theft unit and detained at the facility. Ms Nkuebe was released from the police holding cell on the same day but left behind her boyfriend who is still helping police with investigations.


However, one of the police officers who participated in the raid but preferred anonymity admitted they were armed but disputed Ms Nkuebe’s claim she was assaulted.

“She is lying. We didn’t beat her up but only ordered her to lie on the ground because we were searching the car and that’s part of our procedure,” he said.

Maseru Urban District Commissioner Senior Superintendent Motlatsi Mapola confirmed knowledge of the case to this paper.

“I was given a report on the operation. My officers told me they insulted her in the heat of the moment but did not beat her up as she claims,” said SSP Mapola.

“However, I am yet to get Ms Nkuebe’s side of the story as I have asked her to come over to my office. If her claim that she was beaten up is true, then we are very sorry.”

SSP Mapola said the police were given a tip off on the whereabouts of Ms Nkuebe’s boyfriend and decided on a raid because “he is a very dangerous person who is wanted by the police”.

“My men had to be prepared because they were dealing with someone who is suspected of having committed a series of armed robberies. What infuriated them was the fact that they had worked very closely with Ms Nkuebe in her crime awareness radio programmes and developed a friendship with her. They had even warned her of her boyfriend’s suspected criminal activities,” the Maseru Urban District commissioner said.

SSP Mapola also revealed Ms Nkuebe’s boyfriend was wanted in connection with a robbery that occurred in Ha Thamae in which a Chinese businessman was robbed M40 000.

“As if that was not enough, the very same boyfriend is suspected of helping a fugitive who had been shot to get to a hospital. The fugitive was shot by another Chinese man after attempting to rob him in broad day light,” he said.

“When Ms Nkuebe’s boyfriend was asked to give the hospital officials his name as the patient’s next of kin, he refused, knowing he was aiding and abetting a fugitive.”

Ms Nkuebe also had a run-in with three Lesotho Correctional Services (LCS) members after they stormed the TK FM studio during a current affairs show in August this year. The trio wanted to stop suspended LCS Staff Association Secretary-General Lebonajoang Ramohalali from talking about the Lesotho Correctional Services Act (2016).

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