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Quality and affordable service is priority: Monyamane


Limpho Sello

Health Minister Dr Molotsi Monyamane says ensuring quality service to the people and as close to their homes as possible, remains his ministry’s goal.

Dr Monyamane noted despite the challenges which include lack of human resources, providing Basotho with the best possible healthcare and at affordable charges, is a priority for his staff.

“There are so many ways to address the challenges we face as a ministry such as inadequate human resources. It was innovative for the Ministry of Health to seek services from QueenMamohato Memorial Hospital and also Christian Health Association of Lesotho (CHAL) institutions.

“On top of this, we have signed agreements with private health practitioners, retired nurses and healthcare professionals who are aren’t employed, to provide services for us on a part-time basis as part of efforts to improve healthcare service delivery,” Dr Monyamane said.

“We have also appealed to Basotho doctors working abroad to come home and serve their country. It’s only with their presence, skills and expertise that we can live healthy as a nation,” Dr Monyamane said.

The minister also noted that the government ensures patients do not have to pay exorbitant fees even when they are being attended to by such private personnel.

“For instance, when there is a challenge of staff at Queen II, we have arranged with Maseru Private Hospital that patients, especially expectant mothers going into labour, referred by the hospital, should be admitted. However, the patients don’t have to pay what Maseru Private charge their regular clients,” Dr Monyamane said.

“We also believe outreach programmes will be of great importance. That is why we are planning to have a number of mobile clinics for the outreach programmes so as to relieve nurses and doctors who are overwhelmed with work in our mainstream health facilities.

“Young people still have the energy to walk long distances to health centres and the patience to wait in long queues but as for our senior citizens, this is different.

“We need to try our best in meeting them half way; that’s why we need fully fitted mobile clinics that can go to the villages to provide services to those people who can’t afford to go to health facilities.”

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