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Q-Real pays homage to Matsieng on debut album

Bataung Moeketsi

SESOTHO hip-hop artiste Q-Real has made every attempt to represent his Matsieng, his home area, on his debut album dubbed Matsieng’s Finest.

The album was released on Friday.

Hailing from the village of Ha-Tšilo and claiming to be the “best to ever come from” Matsieng, Q-Real said he was confident that the 19-track album would open doors and introduce him to a larger audience.

The album has guest appearances from the likes of Juvy oa Lempimpara, Lemeka oa Mochini, Chereh Sputswe, Lu Srenk and Zinkz Dee. Poetry group, The Hail, are heard in the album introduction which pays tribute to rapper.

Zinkz Dee is cited as the album’s executive producer having produced, mixed and mastered the majority of the tracks. Sepalami, Caluzarbeats and Phoka Matete also contributed to the production.

Q-Real said he wants to be the first to garner success in the music industry because of the small number of hip-hop acts in his area.

“Matsieng is not known to be a hip-hop territory,” Q-Real said.

“I don’t know any prominent hip hop artiste who comes from that side who has made it big in the music industry and I want to be the first.”

The rapper said his debut is “highly diverse and appealing to all age groups” which is attested by fusions of hip-hop, Afro-beats and some famo elements.

“The album was produced by four producers and that says a lot about the kind of music it carries.

“I worked with talented producers I believe they invested their diversity into this album. This is evident throughout the album as it has different sounds. It challenged my versatility as an artiste and I am happy that I rose to the occasion.”

Q-Real has set out to entertain, heal souls and inspire his listeners. On the album he touches on array of subjects including love, death, religion as well as his home, Matsieng. Among some of the tracks are songs like Haeso (my home) and Tsa Matsieng (of Matsieng).

Another highlight of the album is track titled after HIV activist, Tšepang Maboee, which aims at raising awareness about HIV and AIDS.

He said the album was his way of giving back to young children from his hometown who now have someone in his rap lane to look up to.

“I want them (children from Matsieng) to look up to me as someone from their village who is making strides in the music industry. I want give them something to be proud of and I hope they will also realise that they can become whoever they want despite their background.”

Since bursting onto the scene in 2017 and releasing his first compilation Bophelo ke Taemane the following year, Q-Real has gone on to make a name for himself amassing thousands of followers on social media.

On Friday, the rapper told the Xpress People that his passion for music started while he was at ‘Matikoe High School in Ha-Mantšebo where he was exposed to various genres aside from the famo he grew up listening to.

It was only when he was in tertiary school at the Institute of Extra Mural Studies in 2015 where he pursued a Mass Communication diploma when he first started dabbling in and penning his own lyrics.

Q-Real says he is focusing on establishing himself as a musician locally before broadening his horizon.

“I want to establish myself and introduce my music to the people which will hopefully result in everything falling into place. After that, I will set my sights onto the international scene,” Q-Real said.

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