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Potjo says London posting ‘above board’


Pascalinah Kabi

Former Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) acting Secretary General, Peter Potjo, says his appointment as First Secretary at Lesotho’s High Commission in London was above board.

Mr Potjo received his appointment letter on Wednesday, raising eyebrows if this was to reward him for representing a certain political party’s interests during  CCL’s mediation between the country’s feuding politicians.

However, Mr Potjo told the Sunday Express his appointment had nothing to do with the CCL’s mediation, but his professional conduct and qualifications.

“It is true that I am going to the London Mission to serve as First Secretary but while I don’t deny that my appointment was done politically, I am apolitical and I am going to London as a public servant,” Potjo said.

Mr Potjo also said he never led any mediation process hence his diplomatic posting could not have been due to the CCL’s role in trying to help find a lasting solution to Lesotho’s political instability.

“All the CCL’s mediation processes are conducted or led by heads of churches, not employees of the council, like me. The other thing is I have never been active in politics, so I could not have been appointed to the London Mission because of political affiliation,” Mr Potjo said.

He viewed his appointment as “a special assignment” to serve the country “at a higher level” after an impressive stint with the CCL, Mr Potjo said.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with the government recognising and appreciating my ability to serve this country.”

Meanwhile, Mr Potjo said he was hoping to use his position to lure international investors to Lesotho.

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