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Pomp, fanfare at Limkokwing graduation


Limpho Sello

NEARLY 800 students at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) graduated at the Lehakoe Cultural and Sports Recreational Centre in Maseru last Thursday.

Amid pomp and a celebratory mood, the graduates received their Honours and Associate Degrees in a range of fields including Design and Innovation, Creativity in Tourism and Hospitality, Media and Broadcasting, Information and Communication Technology and Business Management and Globalisation.

Extending congratulatory remarks to all graduates of the seventh LUCT graduation ceremony, and on behalf of Prime Minister, Dr Thomas Thabane, Deputy Prime Minister Mr Monyane Moleleki recognized Limkokwing University’s critical role in supporting Lesotho to keep in tandem with evolving global trends in various fields.

He commended the university’s unique nature of education which emphasises creativity, innovation and technology, adding that the government found this approach producing best candidates Lesotho needs for the development of its human capital.

“The University is a unique global institution which through its unconventional approaches keeps pace with new global trends of innovation and adheres to the highest quality assurance standards. This innovation is what is now driving the global economy. Limkokwing University offers a portfolio of courses that are directly relevant to the economies of developing nations such as Lesotho,” Mr Moleleki said.

He expressed great honour to officiate the momentous ceremony despite some skepticism in certain quarters, which he attributed to unfamiliarity with the university’s distinctive creativity orientated ethos and student empowering learning philosophy.

Mr Moleleki said despite such criticism, the quality of successive graduates over the last nine years has demonstrated how appropriate and impacting that philosophy is for Lesotho.

Referring to the graduates, he said they have been privileged to have benefitted from a unique learning experience that equipped them with skills for a successful future career.

“You are the hope of the nation and have a critical role to play in the ongoing transformation of Lesotho. I know that the country can look forward with anticipation to your unique contribution,” he said.

Also present at the ceremony was the Minister of Education and Training Mr Mokhele Moletsane who told the graduates they were part of the innovative and creative paradigm shift in tertiary education.

“I implore you in all earnest to diligently apply the skills you have acquired in the various organizations where you will be employed so that you can transfer that paradigm shift to service the nation. I encourage you all not to be the change Lesotho wants to see,” Mr Moletsane said.

He emphasized the importance of continued learning for the graduates to remain relevant to the evolving employment market, adding that success was a journey and not a destination.

“Receiving your degrees today does not signal an end to the learning process, but rather it marks the beginning of a long journey. What you do and how you do it after graduation will determine your success in life. Make sure that you rise to the challenge of taking this country to yet another new development level with the skills of innovation and technology you acquired.”

Speaking on behalf of the graduates, an Associate Degree graduate in Marketing Katleho Likoti said his experience taught him to work hard to meet the high standards expected of all students.

“The pressure we experienced was not only for us to pass exams but to acquire knowledge, retain it and prepare us for the real world,” Mr likoti said.

He said the university’s creativeness and innovation was useful in bringing the best in him and his colleagues.

“We stand here confident that we are well-groomed, developed in many areas and more refined to become creative in our work, problem-solvers and agents for positive change.”

He said all students will carry the legacy of the university, which has shaped how they are going to interact with new people and add value in various organisations.



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