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Police probe missing Parly bond paper




bond papaer’Marafaele Mohloboli

 POLICE are investigating a case in which an undisclosed number of A4 bond paper boxes disappeared at the National Assembly.

According to police spokesperson, Superintendent Clifford Molefe, no arrests had been made as yet.

“Our investigations on the matter are ongoing, but no arrests have been made as yet because we don’t have any suspects,” he said.

Meanwhile, four National Assembly procurement officers have since been suspended for two months to allow internal investigations in the matter.

National Assembly Senior Information Officer, Neo Mokatsa, told the Sunday Express this past week the paid suspensions began on 29 June 2016 until 2 September, adding that an internal investigation was underway.

She, however, stressed the suspension did not mean the procurement officers were suspects.

“The officers were suspended to enable the investigations to be undertaken, and we hope the task will be finalised within the set period of their suspension. It is, however, worth noting that those officers are not suspects, but have only been suspended to facilitate the internal investigations,” said Ms Mokatsa.

“The suspended quartet is expected to report to work a week after 2 September, with further action to be determined by the outcome of the investigations.

She added: “An undisclosed number of boxes of bond paper are said to have disappeared under the quartet’s care, and it is not known how this could have happened. Though we can’t state the exact quantity of the missing paper, they were approximately 100 or so boxes.”

Ms Mokatsa added the suspensions of the procurement officers had adversely affected the procurement department of the National Assembly, since the four officers were the whole team.

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