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Poet flies Lesotho flag high in SA

Sheila (5)Mohalenyane Phakela

Local poet, Sheila Khala (pictured) mesmerised the audience at the four-day Fifth Northern Cape Writers Festival held in Kimberly, South Africa, beginning Thursday last week.

The annual event started as a project aimed at encouraging a reading culture and exposing the community to artistic talent, and has played host to icons such as Don Mattera, Myesha Jenkins and Napo Masheane.

The phenomenal Kubetsoana-born poet had not only been invited to perform but requested to direct the Thursday poetry show. She told Xpress People the experience was overwhelming.

“This is one of the biggest festivals Africa has ever seen. It was quite an honour to be part of it.
“To get that kind of recognition means I am doing something positive. It shows that my career is reaching new heights.
“I believe there is still more in store for me, I smell more of international bookings,” she said.

Sheila has flown the national flag on a number of occasions and has graced events such as the Mangaung African Cultural Festival (Macufe) held annually in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Talking about how she landed the booking, Khala said: “You know us artistes, leaving our contact details everywhere. I got a call from the organiser asking me to be part of the show.
“Though I have performed in South Africa a couple of times, this show made me feel as if it was my first. I had great fun as I received red carpet treatment.”

Khala further said this month is going to be quite hectic for her.
“I am going to be having several shows. I am also going to launch the forth anthology by my company Sheila the Eagle Productions, which was made possible by the aid of Ultimate FM. Besides that, this year’s version of Poetry is Alive will be launched too.”

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