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Pious women urged to report domestic violence

SX 06Tsitsi Matope

MASERU — Women must stand up and cry out to God for peace, protection and the well-being of their families, Pastor Chilumba Njessa of Bethel City Church International said on Friday last week.

Njessa was speaking in an interview on the sidelines of the “Women Cry To God Conference” held in Maseru.

Renowned motivational speaker Motlaletsona Ngubeni from Bloemfontein, South Africa, graced the occasion attended by scores of local men and women.

Njessa said for years, many women have been carrying heavy loads they found uncomfortable sharing with other people and institutions that can help them. She explained that due to some cultural beliefs that promoted secrecy among women, some ended up suffering acute depression or were murdered and maimed by their violent spouses.

However, Njessa explained that her church stood for God’s fundamental principles of marriage which are love, one man one woman, peace and faithfulness.

“This is why we decided to hold this conference to discuss and share experiences on the challenges women in particular face in their families, businesses, in workplaces and in their communities. We are saying, women cry out to God, because he hears prayers and changes peoples’ circumstances. Apart from that, they should also report violence to the relevant institutions such as the police.”

She said while some women could be living in difficult circumstances, it was a sin for them to be tempted to commit adultery.

“When a woman is abandoned by her husband, she should utilise her strength from God to stand firm and not imitate the husband. A woman is a pillar of the family and that is why when a wife is unfaithful, the marriage is totally broken. There are both marriage and separation systems that people ought to follow and infidelity is not one such system.”

However, she explained that messages that emerged from the conference showed that as much as God has economically promoted a significant number of women in this generation, they should not abuse this empowerment.

“Women should humble themselves, submit and respect their husbands regardless of their spouses’ societal position. On the other hand, men too should align their personality with the circumstances of their marriage. Failure by both men and women to understand this would rob their families of real love and happiness.”

She said earlier this year, her church held two conferences, which brought together men to discuss various socio-economic-related matters.

“I am concerned about issues raised by some husbands concerning causes of disharmony in some homes. God has not blessed the woman of today in order for her to spit on her husband.

“Some husbands indicated it was because of their wives’ bad attitude that they looked for happiness elsewhere or took another wife. It is important to understand that polygamy is a sin according to the Bible’s New Testament and can only introduce new problems into the family.”

Njessa explained the need for both men and women to follow God’s commandments, both before and after marriage.

“For example, sex before marriage is a terrible sin with lifetime consequences if people do not realise the need to cry for God’s help.”

She said sins such as indulging in sex before marriage and then getting married to different people, can explain why hearts of some married couples seem not to belong to those they married.

“Such are consequences of sins committed before. However, the real solution is not violence or infidelity but to confess our sins and pray for God’s intervention. He is full of grace but we should also not take His grace for granted.”(Isaiah 55:6-7 and Proverbs 28:13)

She also further explained the need for mothers to remain strong for their children.

“We greatly influence our children’s future and when we abandon them, we run away from the trust and responsibility God placed in us.”

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