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Pelesa stripped of crown

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gladys pelesaMohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Miss Leso­tho Companies, Glad­ys Pelesa, has been stripped of the crown after she was accused of being in breach of a contract.

Pelesa is accused of agreeing to be an am­bassador for TTwins while holding the Miss Lesotho Companies’ crown.

Limakatso Makutle, the organiser of the pageant said Pelesa was not supposed to sign with any other agency without the consent of the organ­iser (who is supposed to be her agent).
“The contract we sign with our models stipulates that they are not allowed to work with any other com­pany without our con­sent.

“Gladys went out and became the face of another company with­out consulting with me first. It is not like she is not allowed to repre­sent other companies, but she has to consult us first.
“I have made several attempts to get hold of her to get an explana­tion but she is not tak­ing any of my calls. So it was only fit that we no longer consider her as Miss Lesotho Com­panies. The crown will be given to someone else worthy in our next pageant,” she said.

But according to Pelesa, the contract had long expired.
“I was crowned Miss Lesotho Companies 2012/2013, so we only signed a one-year con­tract.
“My contract with Miss Lesotho Compa­nies ended last year. It is not my fault that she did not elect my re­placement last year as she was supposed to.

“I only kept the title because she asked me to until she found my replacement.
“Being the ambas­sador of TTwins was a smart business move and nothing personal. Limakatso was bound to take the crown any­way, so I don’t under­stand why she is all upset with the move I made.”

Pelesa’s contract was supposed to ex­pire last year when Miss Lesotho Compa­nies 2013/2014 was crowned.

Unfortunately, the organiser did not host a pageant last year that is why she let Pelesa keep the sash and ti­ara until her replace­ment comes forth.

Pelesa got an offer before the successor was selected and this caused sparks between her and Makutle.

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