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PCFM radio presenter fired

Lerato Matheka

 MASERU – People’s Choice FM’s radio presenter Nthabiseng ’Mothibi, also known as “Terah”, was fired a fortnight ago for misconduct.

The popular radio presenter said her dismissal came as a shock.

“I was told my dismissal was based on my record at work,” Mothibi said.

“I am still a bit confused on the reasons why I was fired because I thought all the issues and errors I had at work had been dealt with. The last time I made a mistake was last year,” she explained.

“What I don’t understand is why the management waited until mid-February when I was preparing to knock off to hand me the dismissal letter.”

“I am confused about whether the dismissal was really based on my track record or it was a personal matter,” Mothibi said.

She said her dismissal letter was signed by the station manager Kholu Qhobela.

There are however indications that Motlatsi Majara, the station’s managing director, is not pleased with Qhobela’s decision to fire ’Mothibi.

He told the Sunday Express that he believed the decision was unfair.

“I was never notified that Nthabiseng (’Mothibi) was fired and to make matters worse I was at the station the day she was fired,” Majara said.

“I had a talk with ’Me’ MaQhobela to get her reasons for firing Mothibi without my knowledge and she said her reason was based on ’Mothibi’s record at work. I think the dismissal was unfair because procedures were not followed.”

Mohau Thakaso, a board member who claims to be majority shareholder in the station
and has fought bitter battles
with the managers, said the board is yet to deal with ’Mothibi’s case.

“’Mothibi’s issue is before the board. We are looking into the matter and we are looking to
protect the staff from all the harassment that seems to be happening at the station,” Thakaso said.

He said as far as he was concerned ’Mothibi was still a PC FM staffer because Qhobela, who fired her, has long been dismissed from the station for alleged fraud.

“First of all the station is being run by unauthorised individuals who have been charged with fraud,” said Thakaso in reference to Qhobela, Majara and other managers he has been fighting for the past five years.

When contacted for comment Qhobela was adamant that ’Mothibi’s dismissal was fair.

 “Mothibi’s suspension was hundred percent fair,” she declared.

“She went through a fair hearing and it is recorded in her files that she asked for a second chance but we had to fire her.”

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