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PC FM manager snubs Thakaso

Tefo Tefo

MASERU — The soap opera at People’s Choice FM took yet another twist last week.
Khulo Qhobela’s days at PC FM radio station appear to be numbered after she snubbed a disciplinary hearing called against her last Tuesday.
That is only if Mohau Thakaso really has the power that he claims to hold.
Thakaso, who says he’s the company’s bona fide chairman, is locked in a fierce wrangle for control of the popular radio station against managing director Motlatsi Majara, Qhobela and other directors.
Qhobela, the station manager, last week upped the stakes when she refused to attend the hearing that had been called by the Thakaso-led board of directors.
Qhobela refused to attend the disciplinary hearing, arguing “she was not answerable to Thakaso and Teboho Mothae”, who is a member of the board.
Thakaso’s board however sat and deliberated on Qhobela’s fate at the radio station in her absence.
Thakaso yesterday refused to disclose the outcome of the meeting which was held at the PC FM offices in Maseru.
“The board made its decision but I cannot disclose the decision now because it has not yet been communicated to her (Qhobela),” he told the Sunday Express.
“But her refusal to attend the hearing was baseless and we had to make the decision in the circumstances.”
Thakaso was adamant that Qhobela had to attend the disciplinary hearing as he was the executive chairman of PC FM’s board of directors.
“I am the executive chairman of the board. How can she say she is not answerable to me?” Thakaso said.
“Anyway we have already made our decision which I cannot tell you now.”
Thakaso said the Tuesday meeting had nothing to do with the fraud case which is currently at the Magistrates’ Court.
Qhobela and six other senior PC FM officials are facing 15 charges of fraud in the Magistrates’ Court.
They are accused of fraudulently causing the radio station to buy huge shares for individuals, a practice prohibited under the Companies Act.
Qhobela is facing seven charges of misconduct.
The PC FM station manager is charged with refusing to remove her signature from the PC FM’s account with Standard Lesotho Bank.
She is also alleged to have refused to transfer PC FM’s funds from Standard Lesotho Bank to Post Bank.
Qhobela was also accused of defying the board after she refused to go on suspension.
She was suspended on July 22 this year.
She however ignored the suspension letter and continued performing her duties.
Qhobela is also accused of “concealing” a debt owed to the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA).
Thakaso accuses Qhobela of causing PC FM’s workers to evade paying tax amounting to M215 879.56.
Contacted for comment yesterday, Qhobela said she could not attend the hearing because she was not invited by the PC FM board of directors.
“I was invited to the hearing by one of the directors, not the board. I could not attend it,” Qhobela said.
She said she was not aware of the allegations levelled against her by Thakaso as she had not read the letter inviting her to the hearing last Tuesday.
“I am not aware of the charges because I did not even attempt to read the invitation letter,” Qhobela said.
She said she would only comment in detail after first consulting PC FM’s board of directors.
Qhobela said she was only answerable to the board of directors chaired by Hubbard Monaheng.
Thakaso however denies the existence of another board, insisting there is only one board which he chairs that is mandated to run the affairs of PC FM.

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