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Partying DJ booted out

MASERU — It’s always risky to mix business with pleasure.

A popular presenter at Ultimate FM, Bokang Ntene, has learnt this lesson the hard way.

Ntene, who found fame as Dr Luv during his days at Joy FM, is now jobless.

He was fired from Ultimate FM three weeks ago after he absconded his night shift to allegedly go partying, Xpress People heard this week.

Bokang, who had a sizeable following on the youth radio station, is suspected to have left the studio before his shift ended to go partying with friends.

According to sources at the station, Ntene had reported for his Saturday night session which runs from 9pm to 12am and played for just over 30 minutes before allegedly slithering out of the studio for a shindig.

Probably to hoodwink his employer and listeners into believing that he was on duty, he is said to have left a CD playing before allegedly going to the party.

“He just played for about half-an-hour and left. He left a CD on,” said a source, who is a senior staffer at the station.

The trick seemed to work until the CD started skipping after about 20 minutes. The CD skipped for about half-an-hour before a senior manager at the station rushed from his home to save the situation.

“I think he had been doing it for some time but this time it did not work,” the source said.

“The manager was shocked to find the studio empty. And when they tried to call Bokang he was not picking his phone.”

The source said the management had been struggling with Ntene’s alleged naughtiness for some time.

He had been warned several times to clean up his act but he continued his mischievous ways, the source claimed.

“Sometimes he would come to work drunk or he would not pitch up for his shift altogether,” the source alleged.

And when he did pitch up he would at times use “inappropriate language” during the show or he would simply sleep during his session, the source said.

The source told Xpress People that although Ntene had slightly improved his behaviour a few weeks before the incident, the management was still watching him closely.

“Sometimes when he was doing his show a manager would just come into the office to check on him,” the source said.

“You can never know what Ntene is planning. His problem is that he likes partying,” the source.

“He loves the bottle too much.

“Other DJs had planned to talk to him but he did not change.”

Ntene could not be reached for a comment.

He was not answering his phone when Xpress People called him on Friday.

Attempts to contact him yesterday were fruitless because his phone number was not available.

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