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OBITUARY: Dr Makoae Mojalefa Taoana


Dr Makoae Mojalefa Taoana
Dr Makoae Mojalefa Taoana

THE Taoana family regrets to announce the untimely passing of Dr Makoae Mojalefa Taoana, who died tragically on 20 July 2016 at the age of 73.

After completing the last three years of his secondary schooling in the United Kingdom, Dr Taoana followed a successful career as a medical doctor, spanning over three decades. After spending almost 20 years in Germany, first as a medical student and then as a medical practitioner in various capacities, he returned to Lesotho in 1985. At this point, he was appointed as the Head of Paediatrics at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital (as it was then known), a position he occupied until 1986. From 1989 until his passing, he ran his own medical practice, chiefly offering services in the form of General Medicine, Rheumatology and Sports Medicine.

He served as Lesotho’s sports doctor from 1986 to 1998, and he was the team doctor in no less than three world games (two Commonwealth Games in Auckland and Canada, and one Olympic Games in Barcelona). His passion for medicine was borne out by his extensive involvement in various professional associations, including the Sports Medicine Association of Lesotho, and the South African HIV Clinical Society.

Outside of work, he was an avid golfer who played actively and participated in tournaments even into his seventies. International politics and football were subjects in which he had a keen interest.

He will be fondly remembered as gentle, humble and good-humoured. As a doctor, he took great pride in his craft, and was very attentive and caring towards his patients. As a friend, he was affable, popular and easy to relate to.

Dr Taoana is survived by his wife, Teboho, his two sons, Kokolia and Monyane, and his granddaughter Lintle. Robala ka khotso, mokuena oa Lephahamela. Lesotho has suffered a monumental loss!

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