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New tourney for Women’s soccer

Moorosi Tsiane

THE Women’s Super League Management Committee has launched a new tournament that roared into life yesterday and is set to end on the last day of June following postponement of the league last month.

Baholo Motene, the league secretary, said this was a way of keeping their teams active during this period in line with the new Confederation of African Football (CAF) calendar that stipulates the leagues should start in August.

“Our league was supposed to have started in April but since CAF ordered that the leagues should begin in August, we saw it fit to organise some competitions for our teams just to keep them busy during this period,” Motene said.

She said the eight teams would be grouped into two pools of four and will play each order in a round robin format with two top teams qualifying for the semi-finals.

“We are going to have two groups (North and South) made of four teams each who will play in a round robin.”

The Southern stream will be made up of league and Top 4 champions, LDF Ladies, Mafeteng Sisters, Sky Battalion and Rovers Ladies while the Northern stream we will have F.C Stoko, Basetsana, Berea Ladies and Kick4Life.

Motene said the tourney is fully bankrolled by the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) although there are no prizes as yet.

“We are hoping this will be an annual tournament but also it will depend on when our league ends,” she said.

Motene who also plays for the LDF Ladies said the league committee is faced with a mammoth task of increasing its number of teams to increase competition.

“The challenge we are faced with as the committee is to increase the number of teams because we have only eight at the moment. That means the pool is small and the competition is minimal but we are working on improving that.

“We look forward to an exciting tournament which we hope will be a fitting prelude to raise expectations for the new league season.

“Our national team continues in the Africa Women Cup of Nations qualifiers where they face South Africa in June in a qualify match for the tournament in Ghana later this year,” Motene said.

Full tournament fixture:

Saturday 5th May 2018:

North Fixtures: (Host: Kick4Life Ladies)         South Fixtures: (Host: LDF Ladies)

12:00: F.C. Stoko v Basetsana F.C.                     Rovers Ladies F.C. v Mafeteng Sisters F.C.

14:00: Kick4Life Ladies v Berea Ladies F.C.               LDF Ladies F.C. v Sky Battalion F.C.

Saturday 19th May 2018:

North Fixtures: (Host: Berea Ladies)           South Fixtures: (Host: Sky Battalion)

12:00: Berea Ladies F.C. v Basetsana F.C.                 Sky Battalion F.C. v Mafeteng Sisters F.C.

14:00: Kick4Life Ladies F.C. v F.C. Stoko                    LDF Ladies F.C. v Rovers F.C.

Saturday 2nd June 2018:

 North Fixtures:        (Host: F.C. Stoko)                       North Fixtures: (Host: Rovers)

 12:00: Basetsana F.C. v Kick4Life Ladies F.C.           Mafeteng Sisters F.C. v LDF Ladies F.C.

14:00: F.C. Stoko v Berea Ladies F.C.                          Sky Battalion F.C. v Rovers Ladies F.C.   


Saturday 16th June 2018:

 Semi-finals: (Venues TBA)

North 1 v South 2

South 1 v North 2   

 Saturday 30th June 2018:

 Final (Venue TBA)



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