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New roads construction begins

Limpho Sello

THE Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport, Tsehlo Ramarou, says the four parties’ coalition is committed to ensuring efficient service delivery to all Basotho regardless of political affiliation.

Mr Ramarou said this during Friday’s sod-turning ceremony for a 28 kilometre stretch of gravel road to be constructed in Semonkong.

He said the project was evidence of government’s commitment to providing services to all Basotho including those in the area who did not vote for any of the parties in government.

The four ruling parties are the All Basotho Convention, Basotho National Party, Alliance of Democrats and the Reformed Congress of Lesotho. They replaced the former seven parties’ regime that was headed by Democratic Congress leader Pakalitha Mosisili after the 3 June 2017 snap elections.

“We are here today because we long abandoned mixing public issues with politics because if we considered politics we were going to say you didn’t vote for us here,” Mr Ramarou said.

“We don’t work looking backwards because we want all of us to move forward. We want you to be comfortable living in this area so that you will not always think of relocating to Maseru as the only place when you can access services.

“People in Maseru need to bring services to you because you deserve them as the electorate in this country and please continue to vote because by voting you are calling upon the relevant people to bring services to your area.”

He said the government the road (13km road from Semonkong to Ha-Mahao and another 15km road from Ha-Mapitsi to Ha-Seeng) was expected to take four months to construct.

He further appealed to the contractor to construct a quality road as well as pay employees on time.

Meanwhile the construction of two gravel roads started last week in Ribaneng on the outskirts of Mafeteng.

Work has already started on an 11km gravel road from Ribaneng to Ha-Seahle and another 10 km stretch from Ha-Seahle to Kabake.

Maliepetsana legislator, Mpalipali Molefe, recently told the Sunday Express that the roads would bring relief to the local communities who had to endure difficult mountainous terrain.

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