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New look Cuban Linx reopens

Nthatuoa Koeshe

CUBAN Linx is now back in business with a new, fancy look after a one-month sabbatical to make way for a face-lift.

The club’s marketing representative Phoka Lithebe told the Xpress People that Cuban Linx management wanted to get rid of the image left behind by the previous proprietors replacing it with a fresh and modern look.

Lithebe said now that they are back in business, they would provide the best service to match the new look.

“With this new look, you can see that we went for a lot of matte colours on the walls instead of the shiny ones we previously had,” Lithebe said.

“The most important thing we did was to relocate the bar to create more space.”

He said moving the bar has improved the club’s floor space.

“Whenever we hosted events on busy nights, we realised that the bar was always packed. There was little space to move around or even to dance. Now the bar is on the side and we can now have space for cocktail tables which we never had in the past,” Lithebe said.

Cuban Linx has been the ‘go-to’ spot for party lovers since its inception three years ago and has hosted several shows that breathed life into Maseru’s nightlife. The joint has hosted events of various magnitudes and has also brought in several South African performers such as Black Affluence and Denim & Sneakers, among others.

Speaking of the club’s overall performance last year, Lithebe said 2019 was a decent year in terms of business. He said even though Lesotho’s economy has been subdued and revellers generally spent less, they enjoyed brisk business during the festive season.

He said the 2019 was a learning curve for the management especially when it comes to engaging foreign performers.

“When we started this business three years ago, we underestimated ourselves but now we are at a point where we have more room to negotiate for better deals for our customers,” he said.

He said they were still trying to muster the concept of hosting free shows.

“We want to try bringing in foreign acts even for free shows but we can’t always do that as we must cover the costs. However, we are still trying to get around the issue so that we can attract more people,” Lithebe said.

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