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New IDM SRC inaugurated

Nthatuoa Koeshe

THE Institute of Development Management (IDM) on Friday inaugurated a new Student Representative Committee (SRC) made up for seven members.

The incoming team was inaugurated at a small ceremony at the IDM campus graced by the school’s country director Rets’ilisitsoe Nko, Moreli Makhopane from the Center for Accounting Studies and the incoming and the outgoing SRC members.

IDM assistant director and quality assurance manager, Ntaeboso Phenduka, said the incoming SRC members should take their leadership roles seriously to hone their skills.

Mr Phenduka said SRC members played a huge role in the management of the school and since 2016, the school had the SRC members attending academic councils.

“We expect students to always consult with the SRC members whenever there are issues,” Mr Phenduka said. He added that most of the issues that arise can be resolved through effective communication and that the SRC should avoid getting into conflicts with the school management as that does not solve problems.

He advised the SRC members to always negotiate when situations require dialogue.

For his part, the outgoing SRC president, Karabo Lerotholi, advised the new team to be brave as they are taking a journey which needs tough people.

He said the task of being an SRC member needed to be approached with determination and respect.

“Always seek assistance from other institutions when you come across challenges and work together and peacefully with the management,” Mr Lerotholi said.

Mr Lerotholi said although their run was generally successful, there were also challenges they encountered with both with students and management.

“Some of the things could not happen according to our will and we encountered challenges making students understand why we could not make some things happen,” he said.

He told the incoming committee that they were the bridge between the students and the management and they should act as such.

The new SRC president, Tšeliso Thoso, said his team was glad that they were entrusted with leading the SRC team.

He said they were ready to get into office and serve the students expressed hope that they will work peacefully.

“I do not believe fights can solve any problems and I hope we are going to work peacefully together without any fights,” Mr Thoso said.

The new IDM SRC is made up of Thoso (president), Mothusi Thibeli (Sports, Recreation and Entertainment), Lintle Senti (Finance), Maleshoane Monyake (Academic Affairs), Moroesi Thabane (Secretary General) and Alice Molato who is an additional member.

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