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Nedbank launches new feedback product


’Mantoetse Maama

NEDBANK Lesotho on Friday officially launched a new product called Green Line, which seeks to make it easier for customers to interact with the financial institution when making complaints, suggestions or even compliments.

The launch took place in Maseru and according to the Nedbank Lesotho Marketing Manager, ‘Mampine Rabatho, Green Line is aimed at enhancing the relationship between clients and the financial institution.

“The co-purpose of introducing this new product is to resolve our clients’ problems by bringing solutions to any concerns they might have. Green Line also enables our clients to compliment the bank and in case of complaints, they will get help fast,” Ms Rabatho said.

“When customers need to lodge a complaint about poor service or just to compliment us, they can simply call us on +266 22282182 or 522 31182.  Standard rates are charged for the calls, but in two weeks’ time, we will have a toll-free number. Today we are driving the Green Line and also promoting our current account so that clients can enjoy a number of benefits from Nedbank.”

Ms Rabatho said when one opens a current account, he or she would get services such as (cellphone) SMS (Short Message Service) notifications free of charge on each transaction made.

“The SMS notification helps to identify fraudulent transactions,” Ms Rabatho said.

Ms Rabatho also said the bank’s maintenance fee of M91 per month, is the lowest on such accounts in Lesotho.

“Having a current account enables a client to have access to facilities such as overdrafts, personal loans, car and home loans,” she added.

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